Approximately 788,000 Homeowners In Line to Receive Property Tax Relief

Columbus, October 25, 2007 – Governor Ted Strickland today announced that about 566,000 additional homeowners applied for the newly-expanded homestead exemption during a special...

Tax Commissioner Warns Seniors to Be Wary of Homestead Schemes

Columbus, September 14, 2007 – Ohio Tax Commissioner Richard A. Levin today warned senior citizens to be on the look out for individuals who...

Mahoning County Homestead Exemption Program Expanded to include All Senior Citizens

If You are Over 65, You are Entitled to a Property Tax Exemption. Mahoning County Auditor Michael V. Sciortino has announced that with the passage...


Central Ohio Housing Report – December 2018

While the 2017 housing market was marked by renewed optimism fueled by stock market strength, higher wages and a competitive environment for home sales, 2018 maintained the competitive housing market amid less than stellar stock market performance and rising interest rates while housing affordability dipped to a ten-year low.